Cure Medical Supplies LLC is the fastest growing and quality medical equipment supplier in the UAE. Our company deals in various high-quality medical equipment, surgical instruments, and much more from the renowned manufacturers across the globe that includes ENT, GYNAECOLOGY, UROLOGY & RADIOLOGY


CMS offers a variety of equipment for use in ENT procedures and surgical diagnostic such as: ENT workstations, ENT chairs, Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes Stroboscopes,Endoscopy Trolleys, Endoscopy Cameras, ENT microscopes, Video Microscopy Systems, LED Head Lamps, Portable LED Lights, Capture Software, Laboratory and Full Workstation Units with doctor’s stool.


CMS distributes products designed and manufactured by OPTOMIC ESPAÑA S.A. in UAE market including, OPTIMUS workstation for Gynecology which has been developed, taking into account the strictest requirements of today´s gynecological practice. CMS also has GYNC products such as Colposcopies, Gynecology chairs, Cytoscope, Hyteroscope, Laparoscope, Resectscope, Trolleys, Cameras, Microscopes, Video Microscopy Systems and Capture Software.


Our Urological supplies, include catheters, irrigation systems, leg bags & accessories. CMS can bring the following for Urology use such as, Urology chair, Cystoscopy, Trolleys, Light Sources and Video Microscopy System produced by OPTOMIC ESPANA, S.A.


CMS can source Contrast agents such as Barium products from one of the world’s leading companies in the Diagnostic Imaging.