Brand :Biotipo

Color:For Dark Hair

Serving description:2 times

This box contains:

01-Deep cleansing shampoo-2.7 fl.oz/80ml

01-thermal lotion for volume reduction-4.05 fl.oz/120ml

01 Reconstruction Mask -2.7 fl.oz/80 ml

01 Gloves Pair




Step 1:Wash the wires with anti shampoo residue Keratinliss. Leave 10 minutes before rinsing. If necessary, repeat the operation. After rinsing, dry 100% with the help of the dryer.

Step 2:Divide the hair into thin strands and apply with a brush or fine-toothed comb, wick wick, reducing the thermo lotion with active volume of Cupua├žu. With the aid of a comb applied across the length of the wire. (Not apply and adhere much product one centimeter from the root). Pause 30 minutes with the product on the hair. Dry your hair up to 100% with hairdryer. Brush and pranche into thin strands. Pranchar up to 10 times each strand. Holding tight, pranchando more often at the root and least at the ends.

Step3:After leaving the hair has cooled, wash the hair with shampoo maintenance line, rinse and apply the mask reconstructive Keratinliss throughout the hair extension. Leave it for five minutes, comb wires aligning them and rinse the hair again. Dry the hair as desired. If necessary, ask for help to make product application


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