NUTRALISS Nano-Repair Fluid

  • Nutraliss Nano Repair Fluid is a unique multifunctional finishing liquid.
  • It is a lightweight quick-absorption formula. Instantly repairs and regenerates hair fiber and protects hair from aggression caused by solar radiation and high temperatures of the dryer..
  • Thermal protection, intense brilliance and softness, prolongs the smooth effect, and control of frizz and volume..
  • Imported from USA.


Nutraliss Nano-Repair Fluid – PH 2,5 – 3,5. Nano-Repair
Fluid-Thermal Protection is a unique multi-functional finisher
fluid that can be used as a leave-in; as a thermal protector pre
and post brushing/flat-iron; as a smoothing treatments finisher;
as an instant hair fiber re-constructor for extremely damaged
hair. Its lightweight composition enriched with nano-particles of
sericin, organic extracts and 12 nutri-functional oils provides
instant and effective absorption, restores and regenerates
instantly the hair fibers. Protects hair from the aggressions
caused by solar radiation and the high temperature of the dryer
and the flat-iron. Nano Crystallization New Nanocrystallization
Concept Activated by heat of hair dryer and or flat-iron,
Nano-Repair Fluid contains an innovative polymer formation system
of an elastic water-repellent film. This film under thermal
action – hair dryer or flat-iron – crystallizes on hair surface
setting even more the conditioning agents filling the porosity of
damaged hair, promoting instant nano-repair of each hair fiber
with stunning shine and silkiness, lasting longer smooth effect
on hair. A unique blend of 12 nutri-functional oils, aloe, cocoa
and nano particles of sericin.


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