Oxygenizer 350 ml

Brand: Oxygenizer

Size: 350ml/bottle

Ingredients:Natural Drinking Water,Improves Energy And Vitality,Low Sodium Water

Serving Description:Each bottle contains 1 serving

Item Volume:5250 Millilitres

Container Type:Bottle

Number of piece:15



OXYGENIZER Oxygenated DRINKING WATER is good for: 

  • Help enhance immunoglobulin (lgG & lgM) generation
  • Rush out impurities and toxins from the body
  • Improve antioxidants level
  • Helps in healthy cells and tissues rejuvenation
  • Increase in oxygen partial pressure (p02) in blood
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Promotes faster recovery from injury and strenuous exercise
  • Helps reduce fat accumulation in abdomen are


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