SinuSalt® Nasal Irrigation


Sinu Salt Nasal Irrigation Device – Sinus Rinse Complete Kit (26 sachets), Sinu Salt Mixture of several salts plus Xylitol specially formulated for nasal Decongestant,Irrigation & Allergic Rhinitis

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  • Sinu Salt Nasal Irrigation Device, Excellent cleaning volume saline solution
  • Excellent cleaning volume saline solution, Irrigation by controlled positive pressure
  • Eliminates mediators of inflammation, Eliminates thick secretions , Reduces the burden of irritants/infectious agents
  • Inhibits allergic response, Irrigation with SinuSalt does not wash away important ions (Ca++, K+) on the nasal mucosa
  • Contains xylitol with a moisturizing, softness and cleansing (bacterial removal) effects


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