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allergy division


since 2017

Heinz Herenz

Based in Germany, with 70+ years in the market, Heinz Herenz Hambur are leaders in laboratory and disposable items. Product range includes swab brushes, swab sticks, alcohol swabs, blood lancets and tourniquets to urine sample cups and cotton swabs.

Since 2016

Lincoln Diagnostics

Lincoln Diagnostics are industry leaders in high-quality disposable allergy skin test devices. Lincoln products are the most widely used disposable allergy tests in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Since 2016


Inmunotek is a European pharmaceutical company based in Spain and a leading company in the field of Allergy and Immunology. Awarded for its innovative work by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, it has qualified as an Innovative SME by MICINN.

Since 2017

Stallergenes Greer

Established in 2015, Stallergenes Greer combines Greer’s long years of allergy expertise in the United States, with Stallergenes’ history of innovation in allergy immunotherapy from a base in France. They are totally dedicated to the treatment of allergies.

Since 2015


Creative Drug Industries (CDI) was established with the objectives of manufacturing and marketing of unique therapeutic & diagnostic approaches to challenging medical problems.

With its the world class allergen-processing technology, CDI has been recognized as the quality manufacturer in the field of Allergology. CDI’s Allergology Division is the initial effort in this direction, and is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high quality allergens.