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Biotipois a company based in Brazil that is involved in the production and trading in the cosmetics segment.

Its factory has a modern infrastructure with its own laboratories in order to analyze and develop new products. Biotipo offers effective solutions to hair treatment through innovative technology and natural ingredients. They aim to provide satisfactory results and the ultimate care for all kinds of hair.

ToneIt is responsible for giving you the best eyebrow makeup experience by providing a full-package kit that helps you shape your brows the way you want.

ToneIt aims for customer satisfaction and hence ensures that the products are safe, do not include hydrogen peroxide, and no pre-mixing process is done. These safe measures are an added value to another satisfactory experience that include 100% color covering up to 48 hours, waterproof option, high stability on the skin, smudge and mass free options, and immediate results.


The main product lines of the company compose of Viscoelastic Polymer Gel Pads and Positioners, Cold Therapy Systems, Adjustable Stirrups for Lithotomy Surgeries and Reusable Patient Warming Systems. In 2010 the company has been accredited for INNOFUND of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The company has been rated as Innovative Hi-Tech Enterprise in 2010.